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Spice Symphony was opened in late 2012 by a group of talented individuals with a collective vision of bringing sophisticated flavors of food by using “Grand Mother” like cooking from different regions of India. Our Team is focused on making Spice Symphony dining experience one of a kind.

Spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetative substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring of food. Spices may have extra use usually medicinal, religious ritual, cosmetics or perfume production, or as a vegetable. For example, turmeric roots are consumed as a vegetable and garlic as an antibiotic. Spices were among the most demanded and expensive products available in Europe in the Middle Ages, the most common being black pepper, cinnamon ,cumin, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. Given the medieval medicine's main theory of humorism, spices and herbs were indispensable to balance "humors" in food, a daily basis for good health at a time of recurrent pandemics.

Symphony The word is derived from Greek meaning "agreement or concord of sound", "concert of vocal or instrumental music. Symphony were used for a range of different compositions, including instrumental pieces used in operas, sonatas and concerts—usually part of a larger work. Spice Symphony uses traditional Indian kitchen equipment to blend together many Indian spices to provide our guests with different flavors and colors of food from all regions in India. Each item that is brought out on your table from our kitchen will be an explosion of colors, sounds and rituals climaxing into a sumptuous feast of food.

At Spicesymphony you can ensure a personal dining experience with a blend of sophisticated flavors’ of authentic Indian cuisine , Chinese food with Indian Spices ( Fusion) and our delicious coastal menu. Our seafood with Indian spices together with our Mogul Food and Chinese fusion food will bring you to a climax for your palate.

At Spice Symphony we provide you with many Indian cuisines, we offer a wide range of dishes featuring unique and seductive spices and unusual ingredients prepared by our celebrity Chef. Choose from our wine list and sit back relax with a glass of wine that will compliment each and every dish you savor while you travel through different regions of India.

Spicesyphony’s cool and cute space with its vibrant modern look coupled with curved banquettes arranged around the perimeter of the dining room and a sky lit room to provide you a soft cozy dining experience. From the moment you enter our staff will make you feel welcomed and we will always take our guest suggestions to improve and excel while we provide you with the ultimate dining experience.

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If you have parties that you would like food catered for including weddings, bar / bat-mitzvahs, and birthdays please talk to us. We will provide excellent food with a great wait staff. We also can have our Star Chef come cook for you.

Kindly send an email to spicesymphony@gmail.com for an inquiry.

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